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Iori Himemiya (姫宮 伊織 Himemiya Iori) is Saori Himemiya's little brother and also a first-year student who started living at the Sakurasou Dormitory after Jin and Misaki graduated. He moved to Sakura Dormitory because he was caught peeking at the girls' bath.


Iori's personality is quite perverted because of this personality it led him to being expelled to Sakurasou for peeking at the girls' bath.


Iori is seen wearing navy-orange headphones around his neck just like his sister, Saori. He has goldish-brown hair and brown eyes, wearing his school uniform.


  • His navy-orange headphones were a present from his sister, Saori, for being accepted at Suimei High School. It has 'Hau-hau', his sister's nickname, written on it.[1]
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