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Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Volume 10 (さくら荘のペットな彼女 10) is the tenth and final volume of the Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo light novel series.


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Chapter 1

The volume starts with Sorata Kanda waking up in his bed but finds out that Shiina Mashhiro is also sleeping there. Sorata reminisces about their relationship and how much has changed between them and how much he loves her. It is a week day and they have to go to school. However, Mashiro is lying naked in his bed. She suddenly gets up and refuses to let Sorata take a look at her as she is completely naked and Sorata says that he will go in her room to find her panties. However, he is discovered by Hase Kanna, who is getting ready to go to school. As he goes after her to apologize, the whole of Sakura Hall gets up because of the commotion. However,Mashiro who comes out of his room with a blanket.

Sorata prepares Mashiro's clothes and has breakfast. After that, he leaves for school along with Rita, Mashiro and Iori. At school, Kanda is exhausted because of all the work he had been doing because of the Game Camp. Noticing this, Nanami Aoyama asks if he is alright in response to which Sorata gets flustered by the sudden question. They talk about their futures as both have been accepted to Suimei University of Arts. Sorata expresses his wish of working with Ryuunosuke in the same team and suggests that they both live together. Ryuunosuke agrees and says that he will let Maid-chan look for a nearby place. They also talk about Aoyama's performance in Misaki's anime and Sorata asked her about her new training classes to which she replied that she was thinking about starting again. After that Kanda moves to talk about the Game Camp with Ryuunosuke. He says that since they are underage, parental approval was required to make the plan move forward. Sorata got his approval, however Ryuunosuke has not yet gotten it. When asked about his family, Ryuunosuke kept silent. A few minutes later Koharu sensei, their homeroom teacher walks in and introduces the class to a new teacher of Japanese, whose name is revealed to be Yuriko Akasaka. It is revealed that she is the elder sister of Ryuunosuke. After class is over, she greets Ryuunosuke, in response to which he loses consciousness.

Ryuunosuke later goes home before Sorata, who goes to get Mashiro but encounters Yuriko. Yuriko shows him the letter of approval of his father and asks Sorata to tell Ryuunosuke to meet her personally if he wants approval and walks off. During this, Mashiro and Rita get to meet her. Mashiro accuses Sorata of cheating to which he says that he is not. They both make up later. After this, Mashiro and Rita walk off together but Sorata happens to see Yuuko Kanda who tries to invite Kanna to a party but is turned down. She phones Sorata in front of him and tells about how Kanna has always rejected all her invitations to parties and that she has never played with her. Kanda tells her that is because she must be disliked by Kanna and hangs up on her despite her protests. Sorata returns to Sakura Hall.

At Sakura Hall, Sorata meets Misaki, who is an alumnus of Suiko High. She tells him that she has saved the 3D figure of the boss of his game on the computer and also hands him a letter addressed to Kanna, who had not returned yet. Sorata decides to get to work on his game. As he gets to work on his game, he messages Ryuunosuke to ask if he is alright to which Ryuunosuke says that he is in bad shape. Sorata then asks him that he will have to get permission from his sister personally to which Ryuunosuke says that he perhaps will not be able to make a game with Sorata. Ryuunosuke, with the help of Maid, starts telling Sorata about the reason why he does not want to meet his sister. He tells about how his father, Ryoma Akasaka, who was a programmer, met his mother, Ryuujiko. Ryoma fell in love with her and eventually was able to marry her. However, it happened on one condition that Ryoma will do all the housework. They had four children named Riko, Ranko,Yuriko and Ryuunosuke. His father was required to always answer in the affirmative to his mother's requests. His mother's nature also rubbed off to his three sisters and after going on dates with men at expensive restaurants, they would tell their flaws to Ryuunosuke. This caused Ryuunosuke to develop a fear of women. This fear was also there because he was shown a lot of affection by his mother and sisters. It was also due to this, that he joined Suiko to live in a student dormitory.

All of this was also heard by Mashiro and Rita. Rita then decides to motivate Ryuunosuke to help him overcome his hate of women so that he can get permission from his sister to complete the game. Sorata then gets to work on the game by adding music made by Iori to it. After working, he lies down on his bed but spots Kanna's letter and decides to give it to her. He goes to her room, but discovers that the lamp is out. He then goes to check the Sakura Hall door, and discovers that Kanna has not returned. He is then asked by Chihiro about what's going on. Sorata then tells her about Kanna and she tells him to try to contact her on his phone. Just as he is about to do it, Kanna returns. She apologizes and is handed the letter by Sorata. She returns to her room. Sorata also decides to go to his room and happens to meet Mashiro on the way, who had just come out afterctaking a bath. He went in his room after a brief conversation but Mashiro got in. She talked about wanting to sleep with Sorata but Sorata turns her down. Rita then comes and playfully teases them about their fight. Just then, Kanna comes over and shows them the contents of the letter which was about a famous magazine which promoted Kanna's novel and also Mashiro's manga. Sorata felt happy for Mashiro, but also at the same time knew the bitter reality.

The magazine was ordered by bookstores nationwide. Sorata tried to get his cooy of Mashiro's manga, but it was already sold out. Even though Mashiro's manga was famous but her life had not changed much. She kept on working on her manga at Sakura Hall and would go on dates with Sorata. Soon, it was time for the cultural festival. Sorata was also participating while also focusing on his game. One day, Sorata was bathing when Mashiro came in and told him that her publisher had an interview and she may not be available for the date on Sunday. Sorata delayed it for her. After bathing, he found Iori waiting outside. He asked him about his hands to which Iori said that he was feeling better. He then questioned him about the piano, to which he says that it will take rime for him. He then goes upstairs to his room, and while looking upwards he asked Sorata about Kanna. Kanna had not yet returned because she was in a meeting regarding her novel. He asked Iori whether he is worried to which Iori says that he does not understand and goes to his room. Sorata then proceeds to his room and finds Ryuunosuke on the computer. Sorata asks him about his training with Rita to which Ryuunosuke replies annoyedly. He tells him that he will be free on Sunday and will devote the whole day to the game. Akaasaka then asks if he is happy about it. Sorata says that is it a bad thing to which Ryuunosuke replies in the negative. He asks him to consider the difficulties in the future and explains by telling him that after graduation, he will have to look for a place to live. He asks him if he has talked to Mashiro about it. He then tells him to imagine if Mashiro becomes a successful cartoonist and Sorata's dream becomes a reality, then they will not have enough time for each other as all of it will be taken by manga and games. Sorata then says that he will gradually start living with Mashiro once he is financially able because if he cannot be self reliant then he has no excuse to go for Mashiro Duty. He then says that he first wants to graduate and then he will talk about it with Akasaka. Akasaka then says that as time goes on, he will have to choose between Shiina and his goal one day. Akasaka tells him that when an emergency like this comes, he should know what to do so that he does not panic when the time comes. Ryuunosuke leaves and Sorata thinks that it is a question which he cannot answer immediately.

Chapter 2