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030 - Maid (2).png Spoiler Alert: This article contains details about (future) plotlines described both in the light novel and the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.

Sakura Dormitory (さくら荘 Sakurasou), also known as Sakura Hall, is a dorm affiliated with Suimei University of the Arts, to handle all talented students who need "special treatment". In some cases, due to their "weirdness", Sakura Dormitory tends to be called as a "loony-bin", and thus, alienated from the rest of community.

The address of Sakura Dormitory was revealed in Episode 24 to be 12 Sakura-dai 3-10 Suimei, Tokyo Prefecture. This is a fictitious address.


The dormitory was initially created for arts students to be able to practice their creativity without the critical eye of society. However, as time progressed, the perception of the dormitory became negative, and so, the dormitory was neglected, while its residents were subjected to prejudice. Furthermore, the structural integrity of the dormitory deteriorated over time, as a result of negligence from the school administration.

Sakurasou is different compared to the regular dorms in aspects like, one, the building is not maintained by the school, and two, that its residents do not rely on any employee of the school like the regular dorms do. These allowed for the creative environment, and also its demise. Due to the administrative negligence, the dormitory rates at Sakurasou are lower compared to the regular dormitories.

Sakurasou Residents

Current Adviser

Sakurasou Members

Room No. Resident Occupation
101 Sorata Kanda Second-year, beginner Game Designer, Mashiro Duty
102 Ryuunosuke Akasaka Second-year, expert Programmer
103 Jin Mitaka Third-year, Script Writer
201 Misaki Kamiigusa Third-year, expert Animator
202 Mashiro Shiina Second-year, genius Artist, beginner Manga Illustrator
203 Nanami Aoyama Second-year, beginner Voice-Actress

Known Former Members